What is Urtle?

✔ Urtle is a booking platform which gives both Users and Providers full control. Urtle allows its users to pick and choose shifts as and when they want to whilst it will give providers chance to put on last minute shifts that need covering.

What benefits does Urtle give Providers?

✔ Urtle will assist providers with the entire recruitment process of its users. Our platform allows you to view the full profile of an individual user prior to them starting a shift with you as listed below:

  1. URTLE allows you to see individual profiles prior to the URTLE member starting shifts with you.
  2. URTLE will allow you to reduce any external Recruitment Costs.
  3. URTLE will cover Care Homes, Residential Homes, NHS Providers, Private Hospitals, Schools plus many other Providers.
  4. URTLE will allow you to fill last minute shifts with Health Care Assistants, Support Workers, Domestic Staff, RGNS, RMNS, Office Staff.
  5. URTLE will act as a platform ensuring that the entire recruitment process is completed prior to any URTLE member coming to work any shift.You will have full access to Applicants profiles which will include the upload of all Care Certificates, DBS Certificates, Visa Checks, CVS, References plus much more.
  6. URTLE is a Free Service.
  7. URTLE provides you the opportunity to rate the member of staff (Similar to Trip Advisor)
  8. URTLE members will be able to Heart & Cross Jobs (Similar to Tinder)
  9. Your Agency costs and Requirements will significantly reduce.
  10. URTLE will pay Staff Quick, using a streamlined Payment System.
  11. URTLE will be compatible on all devices.
  12. You will have full Control.
  13. The amount of time spent on the entire Internal Process will reduce.
  14. URTLE members will be notified instantly once you upload a job to the URTLE Portal.

Can I take Users on a permanent basis?

✔ Providers can take Urtle Users on as a permanent member of staff at any time without any charges being implemented.

What benefits does Urtle give Users?

✔ Urtle allows its users to pick and choose the shifts and hours they want to do. Users are provided with a number of options when selecting the hours and can choose to do as little as 4 hours. Users are provided with the following benefits as part of the sign up process:

  1. URTLE allows you to Pick and Choose when you want to work
  2. URTLE has lots of Provider Opportunities (Locally and Nationwide)
  3. URTLE pays you Quickly direct to your Bank Account
  4. URTLE allows you to Rate the Employer (Similar to Trip Advisor)
  5. URTLE allows you to Heart & Cross Jobs (Similar to Trip Advisor)
  6. URTLE allows you to be in full control
  7. URTLE is compatible on all Devices (Including Mobile, Tablets, Laptops)
  8. You receive instant notifications once Jobs become available
  9. URTLE is User Friendly
  10. URTLE takes away the hassle of Recruitment Agencies
  11. URTLE is Simple, Unique and easy to use

How do users get paid?

✔ Each user is paid per shift. Once a provider signs off a shift via the dashboard this will instantly notify Urtle to make payment directly to the User. Each User can expect to be paid within a reasonable time frame once each shift is completed. Urtle will pay within 24 hours of each shift being signed off by the provider as follows:

  1. Shifts completed between Sunday -Thursday will be paid by close of business of the next working day.
  2. Shifts Completed between Friday - Sunday will be paid by close of business on the following Monday.
  3. If a shift falls on a Public Holiday such as Bank Holidays or Christmas/Easter Urtle users can expect to receive their shift payment as follows:
  4. If you complete a shift on a Friday – Sunday and a public Holiday falls on the following Monday, you will receive your money the next working day.
  5. If you complete a shift on either Christmas/New Year/Easter, you will be paid for your shift on the next business working day following your completed shift being signed off by the provider.
  6. Each Urtle user will be provided with a designated Stripe account which is an independent platform which from time to time will handle user payments.
  7. Users are responsible for their own NI and Tax deductions which Urtle do not accept any liability for.

What happens if I have a dispute with my payment?

✔ Any User who has a dispute with any payments should speak to the provider who signed off the shift. Urtle does not accept any responsibility for any payment disputes between Provider and User.

Am I Contracted to Urtle?

✔ Each Urtle user is Self Employed and responsible for your own NI and Tax. Each Urtle user is responsible for booking their own shifts. Each Urtle user is responsible for picking their own hours.

What if shifts aren’t available?

✔ As a booking platform Urtle cannot accept any responsibility of when shifts appear. Urtle Users must take responsibility to check their own profile and dashboard which indicates when shifts are available.

What happens if I am unable to access the Urtle Platform?

✔ Any provider or Urtle User who has problems with the Urtle platform should email sales@urtle.co.uk Monday – Friday 09.00am – 17.00pm. Once we are aware of any platform issues, we endeavour to resolve each problem within a reasonable time to avoid unnecessary disruption.

What happens to my information as a provider or User? 

✔ All information provided is secure under GDPR and Urtle Terms and Conditions which is available to both providers and Users at point of sign up.

When do I receive my £50 Bonus payment?

✔ Users will receive a one off £50.00 Bonus payment once they have completed a full 12 hour shift which is not split.

✔ Payment is made on the first Friday after your first 12 hour shift is complete directly to your Bank Account.

✔ You will not be entitled to a Bonus Payment if you fall under the following:

1. Your 12 hour shift is broken.

2. Your 12 hours is made up of multiple shifts.

3. You leave early from a scheduled 12 hour shift or you are sent home early directly by the employer.

4. You start your shift late without good reason.

5. If you raise a dispute directly with the employer, (NB) Disputes will be investigated fully and considered- please note Urtle do not make the final decision, this is at the discretion of the employer.